Midlife Stress Series Part 5

Find The Right People For Your Group

It is important to break the stress cycle that gains steam during a midlife transition. It’s necessary to find a new meaningful vantage point to look at your life. To succeed, you must be serious, curious and interested. Find at least one person to share your process with. The question is, who would be best to have as your partner or partners? Consider they would need to be special people. People who are non-judgmental, supportive, good listeners, and able to tell the truth. It will also be a great deal easier if they didn’t compete, make excuses, or cancel, unless there is an emergency. Everyone needs to be invested in the process of finding solutions to the questions your midlife group is pondering. Avoid getting stuck in any one of the questions below.

What to Talk About?

- What is missing from my old life now? You can take what’s missing and ask yourself, “Do I want this back again?”. For example, I was missing the enthusiasm and vision of a bigger purpose. I’d lost that sense of making a meaningful contribution. This is what I wanted for myself again. This is what I wanted in my new future. I had complaints like, “I am not reaching large enough groups of people. No one knows about what I do in my very private office.” As I shared these thoughts, my friend said, “You seem like you need to do something bigger ––  more involved with other people”. That helped me fill in the puzzle and add more depth to what I wanted. It made my vision clearer. See my Ebook for how to build a vision.

- Is there something you wish you had done by this time in life? What is it? Is it worth looking into now?

- What is important for you to do now with your life?

- What would be thrilling for you to accomplish at this point in your life?

- How can your life make a difference at this time? What excites you?

- What is trying to grow out of you? What is calling out to be heard?

- Is there something from the past that is incomplete and unfinished?

- Do you long to fulfill a dream you have avoided exploring?

These are all food for thought and exploration. Give yourself permission to not know where you’re going for a while. Remember without the unknown nothing new can arise. Without the house being taken down, a new one cannot come into existence. Be reborn into your own life. Let’s call it a Midlife Rebirth.

Rely on your chosen allies for some help. The group is a great place to ask these questions and anything else you come up with. Do you have any questions about starting a group? Tell me what you discover. One thing that’s fun is to give your group a name. Have some fun with it and let us know the name –– even if it’s kind of silly and especially if it’s really wild!