Midlife Twists And Turns Of Love

Love And Memories

As summer begins once again, I am reminded of the nurturing love provided by my parents even after I became an adult.  Every July 4th, while growing up, my parents took “the kids” to the fireworks. On this particular July 4th, my brother, my husband, Jim, mom, dad and I, set up a blanket and chairs in a field in Weston CT. We came early, as every fireworks veteran knew, it was the best way to get a good view. It was still light. There were temporary food stalls, game booths and rides for kids scattered around the grounds. People were milling and strolling everywhere. Excitement and community were in the air.

Grateful For Their Love

My parents were in their early 80′s. I was in midlife and my brother wasn’t far behind. I was struck with how grateful and comfortable I felt when my father and mother looked at the three of us and said, ” Why don’t you “kids” look around.” They sat, in the chairs, “holding down the fort,” as they always had. I almost started to cry. I realized this could be the last time we ever did this together and how much I would miss it. I’d miss the command of their presence. I dutifully walked around as my brother slipped into the kid mode with my husband and I. It was so nice to be taken care of in this gentle family way.

Now, my parents are gone and July 4th will never be quite the same. I will never be taken care of, loved, like that again. I remembered how much I fought for my independence as a teenager, and how trivial it seemed now that I had it.  It isn’t that I wanted to retreat and become a child again –– it was the nurturing I missed. The sense that everything would be alright, just because my parents were there. That particular July 4th, was like resting into the feeling that life is permanent and knowing deeply this was a temporary gift.  Appreciate that you have people that love you and you love. Love is a precious thing.

Summer is around the corner, but love is still in my heart. Thanks for sharing this experience with me. And don’t forget to download your copy of my free ebook on Choosing Your Future.


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