Midlife Stress Series Part Two

Another Way To Deal With Midlife Stress

Feeling Agitated

The stress of change scares most of us because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Hindsight is always 20/20. Midlife means stepping from one set of circumstances to another. A smaller home, children leaving, questions about retirement, money concerns, career and physical changes; to name a few. It’s even harder because, we don’t see things as they really are, we see things according to the way we are. If we are stressed and scared, so is our thinking.This is an extremely important distinction: we do not see things exactly the way they are. Our history, fears, and passions color our perceptions minute by minute.

Have you ever heard of the monkey mind? It refers to someone who is not in the present moment. The monkey mind is like the animal. The monkey jumps from tree to tree and we jump from thought to thought, with no inner quiet. Inner quiet gives us distance from our circumstances and emotions. This quiet provides room to think about our concerns. The question is, do you have the patience to wait until your chaotic mind settles down? If you are sick of being driven crazy by the terror that drives the monkey mind, you can start to give it up. All it takes is setting aside some time from your busy schedule.

A Different Way To See

Here’s how to begin: Go outside and walk, be in nature and follow these steps.

. Slow your walk. Slowing your pace as you walk through the world slows your energy. See what that feels like.

. Remember, if you are with other people, no talking.

. Really focus on the trees you see. Feel and hear the breeze as you watch it move the trees and grasses.

. If you prefer, you can walk feeling the ground under your feet. Feel it pressing against your heal as you connect your foot with the ground. Be aware of rolling forward onto the ball of your foot and the change of the pressure as it pushes off into another step.

. Do this for 20 minutes or longer before you stop and appreciate the beauty of nature. Look in wonder at the forces that created the world you are a part of. You can thank it for allowing you the peace you’re feeling in this moment. (BTW this also works if you are in a city. Just try to pick a quiet street.)

Let’s allow the monkey to fall asleep. Allow yourself to feel very small and humble, as you enjoy the world of nature and the peace that comes with it.

Having this available will bring you out of stress no matter what the weather. In fact it’s fun to take this walk in light rain. The world becomes a beautiful place, just for you, as you rest into it. There is no age here. This world is free of any story about what life is or isn’t. Notice you don’t have an age in this state. Being awake and present is the gift.

If you accept this gift and enjoy your experience, tweet about this blog post, and share it with your friends. Share this gift, so your friends and family can have it too.

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