Call To Meaning Part 1

Being older and still healthy, really gives me a chance to have another life in this life. I want to be excited about new goals and passions. It’s not that I wasn’t excited before. But, I’ve grown. It’s time to reevaluate. When I was younger, I hadn’t learned about how to survive. I hadn’t discovered those dysfunctional beliefs that were the most valuable training ground for my growth. Like all of us, I operated out of my old beliefs, because I was trying to protect and justify myself in the world.  I was trying to find a way to make my life work for me and others.

Up until recently, all people pretty much lived as we do. They were educated through life circumstances in how to behave socially and financially . They grew up in whatever environment, family and country they were born into. They, like us, performed their roles and jobs. They became mothers, fathers, secretaries, lawyers, and medical professionals. But, they didn’t, live to be old enough to expect something different, something new. They didn’t have the chance to discover a call to change.  People who lived to age 50 were considered old. Now, many people have the time, health and energy, to live 10-25 years longer.

As a “boomer”, I feel an urgent need for a deeper meaning. You see, my sense of myself being here, in this body, cries out from time to time, “Pay attention! This is all the time you have left!”  I’m driven by what feels like persistent energy, to explore experiences that are “meaningful for me”. That place in me, is driven by the same energy that drove the my friend, Alice who I wrote about in an earlier post. But, the demanding survival energy that pushed Alice to act is altered in midlife into another form.  Stay tuned for my next post to find out what this looks like.

3 comments on “Call To Meaning Part 1

  1. This is EXACTLY how I feel. I am struggling with this internal quest of finding something worthy to place my energy. The results of my now empty nest leaves me wanting to do more instead of existing for a paycheck. Granted a nice paycheck would never be a bad thing but there is more out there. I have my radar out and am trying to “listen” to where I need to go next.

    • Lucie, I know it is disconcerting to feel the loss of not knowing. Maybe, you need to back up a bit. You might consider spending some time thinking about what you love. What about your old job do you still like? What do you have a passion for at this point. Pay attention to what you are curious and excited by, and investigate. For support you might look at what I’ve written about the transition process. It sounds like you are in the first stage-Start with 12/28/11 and read up to 1/6/12. It might give you a better idea about the process you are in right now. Let me know if it helps.

    • Lucie,
      By the way, you have a great opportunity by being in this state. You can recreate your life from here. Discomfort and the need to find something of value is a great motivator to evolve. Lois

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