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Think of Midlife Cafe as a warm companion on your journey from 45 to 65 and beyond. Age does not have to be an issue for you to enjoy what you’ll find here. If you are at all curious about ways to make your transitions more fun and rewarding, this is the place to be. Topics will range from physical fitness to discovering new powers you never thought you had. Our community will include experts on aging, diet, fitness, and psychology. And it will include you. We want to know what’s on your mind. As the community grows, we will travel together, learning, making new friends, and taking advantage of newly discovered opportunities.

Midlife Cafe was started by Psychotherapist, Lois Coon, to guide visitors in their transition to midlife and beyond. On this site you will find blog entries, videos, e-books and much more. It’s all about taking the journey with a sense of joy and community. Welcome to the Cafe.


11 comments on “About Midlife Cafe

  1. Michelle Marin on said:

    I’m enjoying your blog and appreciate the wisdom and enthusiasm you bring to the topic.

  2. Jean Lefebvre on said:

    Have saved MidlifeCafe.net as a favorite. I’m already looking forward to future visits to this interesting new site. Jean

  3. Michelle Marin on said:

    You’re blogs really getting me thinking. I would like to hear more about creating wellness and/or mindful exercise.

    • Creating wellness requires loving and valuing that inner being you and I live with every day. This inner space is the source of mindful exercise. I know when I appreciate, and genuinely feel, caring for my own body, I WANT to take care of my body. I own that this body is always with me. Together, my body and mind work hard to press the exercise energy throughout. I feel the stretch and the resistance. Sometimes I think about stopping when it gets too hard and sometimes that is great to do. Other times, we love the stretch of going beyond. Sometimes I experiment by varying pushing and coasting during exercise, just to see where I am inside today. Out of this dance, being fit becomes a joining of forces and much more pleasurable.

  4. Patricia Kennedy on said:

    Hi Lois Coon. I am doing some work for John Brady of Top Retirements.com and he suggested that I get in touch with you to discuss your website, etc. I’ve published a few pieces for John and have some more in production. I’m particularly interested in writing about people who’ve developed an interesting “career” post-retirement (paid or not). E- pat@pkcboston.com or call 617-797-2431.

    Take a look at my web site http://www.pkcboston.com which gives lots of detail about my career as a marketing consultant for 30+ years. (I’m not soliciting business from you!)

    Incidentally, my mother’s maiden name was Coon. Her father emigrated from Galway, Ireland to Kansas about 1885. Perhaps we have some distant relationship.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • newjoy on said:

      Great to hear from you. I am not sure exactly what you have in mind.

      Curious about the name of Conn. Who knows maybe there is a relational connection. Lois

  5. Sheila on said:

    I look forward to reading your blog.

  6. Hi Lois,

    I just came across your site today, and I love it! I have also created a site for those in a similar age-range to your readers. I’ve just designed and produced a strength training DVD series – would you be interested in receiving a free copy for review for your site?

    Let me know!


    Ron Krayewski

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